Things to Do in Global Village Dubai

Things to Do in Global Village Dubai

There is no shortage of enormous activities in Dubai; but one will definitely be attracted by diversified things to do in Global Village Dubai. Visitors can visit different countries' thirty pavilions, including eight countries like India, Turkey, Japan, etc. One can find hundreds of answers searching for what to do in Global Village Dubai, and one of them is witnessing over 40,000 live shows and events.

Groups or couples fond of discovering old collections can visit the Middle East’s first Ripley’s Believe it or not, a famous American museum franchise. Thrill seekers can experience exciting rides at Carnaval like Manila Mayhem, Festival Wheel, Transylvania Towers, Moscow Max, and Miami Surf. On top of that, guests can explore the Circus show, which is considered amongst the most lovely things to do in Global Village. In addition, tourists can catch up with magnificent fireworks displays at night and get ready for tooth exercise at great restaurants.

Several selfie spots are available for photogenic people to click selfies and hold their special moments back with them. In addition, learners can explore the old Dubai heritage to experience the Emirati lifestyle and culture. Shopping addicts can find flea markets as the best destination to collect the experience in Bosnian House, happiness street, and Turkish ice cream.

Visit Different Countries' Pavilions

The Global Village is a one-stop destination with thirty-plus pavilions representing eighty countries, including Japan, India, Turkey, Egypt, China, etc. A place is commendable as it offers an opportunity to catch diverse nations' traditions, cultures, and beauty under one roof. Pedestrians can admire the miniature version of the architecture of every country and witness the uniqueness spread through artists. Tourists can shop for different items from each country that reveal outstanding creativity; they also can explore Iraq, which was added as a new destination the previous year. Globetrot is an ideal place to summarize the journey of what to do in Global Village Dubai with loved ones.

Spectate Live Shows and Events

Spectacle live shows and events are one of the best things to do in Global Village as it presents more than twenty thousand concerts, dance performances, musical shows, and street performances. So, welcome to the Red Circus! One of the festival's significant attractions consistently tops the list of “things to do in Global Village Dubai.” Live acts will take one’s breath away, and the eyes will not blink for a moment seeing the upbeat energy of the Colombian Circus Superstars. So get ready for the heart to get racy, sit tight, and try to catch up with the acts of our performers.

Enjoy Ripley’s, Believe it or Not!

Another fascinating thing about the Global Village is visiting the middle east’s first museum Ripley’s, believe it or not! The ideal destination shares some of the most hilarious and unique features to enjoy; visitors can also find untold stories, engaging interactives, breathtaking art, and historical artifacts in the museum. Interestingly, one can explore strange exhibits like a mirror maze of two hundred and fifty LED lights and mirrors. Moreover, the tourists can experience a 4d moving theater and unseen dark gallery that adds a thrilling experience to a journey. The museum reveals East Asia’s culture and architecture that one can admire.

Experience the Brand-New Peter Rabbit™ Adventure Zone

The brand new Peter Rabbit adventure zone is a straight answer for what to do in Global Village Dubai. Inspired by the television series Peter Rabbit and his companions, the place offers visitors a similar look and feel. One can taste the delicious coffee and the organic fruits from Rabbit’s fresh farm cafe. Activities explorers will find the zone more interesting as they can jump and climb in the Squirrel Nut Activity park, pot and plant in McGregor's garden, and watch Peter's Rabbit plot in a screen area. Children can enjoy their journey at the Peter Rabbit Adventure zone and can create unforgettable memories.

Enjoy Thrilling Rides at the Carnival.

The biggest attraction to the Global Village is Carnival which shares a family fun pack for all ages to spend quality time. Tourists like to explore the place as it offers 31 exciting rides, 25-skill-based games, hundreds of arcade games, and many other things to do in Global Village. The rides include Arabian Horse, Miami Surf, Mumbai Xpress, Roaming Rome, Vroom UAE, Cuban Dance, Thai Twist, New York Jump, Shang High, Manila Mayhem, etc. Also, the most thrilling rides are Athens Slingshot, Fly France, Honolo Loop, Global Burj, and many more.

Watch Circus Circus Show for Unlimited Fun.

A circus show clears doubts about what to do in Global Village Dubai as visitors can enjoy nerve-wracking performances by worldwide talents. Tourists can have unlimited fun with the Columbian clowns, Wheel of Death, and witness the high-wire death-defying stunts and the Venezuelan Daredevils. Five hundred spectators can be easily accommodated in a circus show, and Columbian clowns are available to entertain the tourists.

Witness the Sky Filled With Lights

The Global Village is the most visited place in Dubai as the unique extravagance of lights and fireworks displays in the sky. The firework display is organized twice a week, and one can also find it on special occasions like UAE National day and New Year. Bright color fireworks shower over the entire village, making it amongst the best things to do in Global Village Dubai. The evening is celebrated by melodious music and beautiful dance.

Enjoy Delicious Cuisines at Restaurants

To relish the taste of multiple cuisines, the Global Village offers more than two hundred restaurants like AI Amoor, AI Farooj, AI Haaj Bundoo Khan, Babu Town Restaurant, Chilli’s, and Grand Barbeque, Koliba, Persian Kabab Restaurant, etc. Tourists can also taste their dishes in street shops and cafes prepared with mouthwatering ingredients. Dishes are represented from several countries like Asia, Africa, Europe, and the American continents. Whether the guests prefer a family meal or a casual lunch, the restaurant pleases everyone. Also, tourists can visit AI Haaj Bundoo Khan to taste Pakistani dishes like Fish tikka, Seekh kabab, Nehari, Haleem, and many more.

Click the Selfies at Selfie Spots

Undoubtedly, the attractive selfie spots clear what to do in Global Village Dubai as the spots themselves bring out inner photography. Some places for tourists to explore as selfie spots, like Fiesta streets, dhow, Carnival, Iran pavilion, Falcon on the flight, framed, and many more are available. All the listed spots share a perfect shot that one can capture in the camera.

Experience the Old Dubai Heritage

Experience the essence and ambiance of Old Dubai at the heritage village, which has a lot of landmarks and attractions representing the Arabic traditions and culture. People learn about the historical lifestyle, the Emirate's maritime glory, and pearl diving tradition.The village is filled with many spots and symbols for a better understanding of the Old Dubai Heritage, such as the tented Bedouin Village, an ancient armory, and all the buildings have old wooden utensils and chests, giving a peek into the old lifestyle. The village also has shops constructed in an old manner selling souvenirs, clothing, and traditional food items.

Shop at Flea Markets like Never Before

Shopping and checking out all the Asian delicacies at the Floating Market are among the newest things to do in Global Village. The vibrant market set up by the canal near the Far East Asia Pavilion is sprawling with floating stalls loaded with the finest Asian Cuisine.

People can enjoy traditional and delicious Asian food, a massive collection of seafood, ramen, noodles, and native sweet delicacies. Some of the most famous dishes to try out at the floating market are Indonesian Ramen, Vietnamese Pho, Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Spicy Grills, Thai-creamy coconut ice cream, Taptim Grob, and a lot more.

Witness Spine Chilling Stunt Shows

Global Village Dubai organizes the most thrilling stunt show, “ Harbour Force,” every year during its opening season. As a result, Harbor Force has become a highlight for all the guests with its vast lineup of breathtaking back-flipping bikes, explosions, drifting, car stunts, and water stunts, which are one of their kind in the Middle East.

People who are wondering what to do in Global Village Dubai must witness the famous stunts involving LED cars with a Guinness World Record and replicate the stunts from the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise. Water stunts involving jet-ski stunts, fly-board action, and diving from a whopping height of 75 ft is a show-stealer.

FAQ's of Global Village Dubai

What are the places to eat at Global Village Dubai?

Global Village Dubai is filled with many eateries, food stalls, and luxurious and premium restaurants serving traditional and international cuisines. Some of the best restaurants people should check out are Dim Sum Dynasty, Yahya, Taksim Turkish Restaurant, Al Amoor, Piero, Chili’s, Grand Barbeque, and a lot more which will surely satisfy your tastebuds.

How many shopping outlets are there at Global Village Dubai?

Global Village Dubai has more than 3500 outlets with various products showcased. The shops have a diverse catalog to sell from, which not includes traditional Arabic goods but also products from all around the world. Under one roof, people can buy Turkish sweets while looking at all the colorful Indian outfits.

What to expect more during your visit to Global Village Dubai?

  • Highlights of Pavilion: Each pavilion represents the soul and imbibes the cultural ethos of a country where people can learn and educate themselves about various traditions, sports, foods, etc., from around the world.
  • Cultural Shows: Pavilions of respective countries manifest their rich diversity by organizing different cultural shows and entertainment programs for the visitors. As a result, the pavilions are always busy with a colorful and vibrant show and keep the place's vibe in check.
  • Shopping: A collection of more than 3500 shopping outlets are perfect for people wondering about what to do in Global Village Dubai. From artifacts or souvenir stores to a boutique, shoppers can check out various items worldwide.
  • Artisans: Local artisans and artists put on a show for all the visitors by showcasing their intricate skills of crafting sophisticated furniture, clay models, hand-weave fabric, and much more.

How many rides are there at Global Village Dubai?

The Global Village Dubai boasts a massive collection of 31 themed rides, which promises a thrilling and adventurous experience for all tourists.

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Is Visiting Global Village Kids Friendly?

A wide range of Kids' Shows involving the famous “Peter the Rabbit” and “PJ Masks,” stunts shows where artists, jugglers, and unicyclists showcase some mind-boggling acts, and mesmerizing Street and fountain shows are amongst the things to do in Global Village Dubai which makes it a Kids friendly destination.

Are cameras allowed in Global Village Dubai?

Yes, cameras are allowed inside the Global Village Dubai for you to click amazing pictures.

What is the dress code in Global Village?

According to a set of rules & regulations about what to do in Global Village Dubai, visitors should wear modest clothes and avoid short and sleeveless clothing. Also, considering the city's hot weather, people should wear comfortable and light-colored clothes to beat the scorching conditions.

What are the rules in Global Village?

  • Village has reserved Tuesdays as family days along with some public holidays. Thus only families are allowed to enter the park.
  • Children are required to wear the safety band on their wrists provided by the authorities throughout their visit to the park.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Park apart from the areas reserved for smoking inside the village.

  • Public Display of Affection and any kind of obscene behavior won’t be tolerated inside the village.

  • Visitors should adhere to all the dress code regulations of the Global Village Dubai.

  • Wheelchairs and strollers are not allowed in the Village; instead, they can be rented inside the park.

  • Entry of animals or pets is not allowed inside the Global Village Dubai.


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