Rides in Global Village Dubai

Rides in Global Village Dubai

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, head towards Global Village, the most anticipated affairs of the city’s eventful social life. The lively cultural extravaganza has 26 seasons of entertainment, shopping, dining and thrilling attractions on its record. The most popular highlight of this truly ‘global’ wonder is the Carnaval – a family amusement park with more than 170 rides, games and attractions that promise fun and thrills of a lifetime.

The individual ride tickets are priced in an affordable range of AED 10 to 50. The 31-themed rides in Global Village Dubai range from children-friendly ones to those that offer extreme unmatched thrills. The thrill levels range from ‘mild’ to ‘moderate’ to ‘max’, so people of all adrenaline levels get to experience the fun on offer. The simplest of rides, like the Holland Wind Wheel, and the most extreme ones, like the Honolo Loop, are on absolute extremes of the thrills scale.

The rides have varying heights, so those who fear heights, and those that love them, can all find a ride of their liking. The tallest ride, Global Burj, rises to a whopping 85 meters, while the California Highway offers a mellow round-and-round ride. So, book those tickets, for this is an experience you will cherish forever!

Family Rides at Global Village Dubai

Amazon Boats

Want to have a relaxed yet fun experience after a day of running around? Head to Amazon Boats, one of the most kid-friendly Global Village rides. The ride is designed to accommodate up to 20 visitors in one go. The ‘bumper cars on water’ promise a splashing good time for your kids and you as you bump into each other and boat across the water pool. To get a seat on the bumper boats, you need to be at least 1.25 meters tall.

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Festive Wheel

With a jaw-dropping height of 60 meters, the Wheel of the World is among the most innovative rides in Global Village Dubai. It offers splendid views of the Dubai skyline, along with a bird’s eye view of the Global Village. Enjoy the slow and smooth ride while clicking selfies with the gorgeous background. And while you are waiting for your turn, watch stunning displays of the various live shows on the ride’s 50-meter-tall LED screen.

Miami Surf

What good is an amusement park if it does not have a water ride, right? Miami Surf, with its 240-meter-long river, promises to beat all your previous water ride experiences. If you are a minimum of 1.2 meters tall, you are in for a laughter-filled experience. Test your balancing skills on the way as you navigate the river. And don’t worry about carrying an extra set of clothes – they have an on-site dryer and give you a free T-shirt

Roaming Rome

Ever imagined yourself flying in the air? Roaming Rome lets you do just that. One of the most popular rides in Global Village Dubai, this flying-kite themed ride allows you to control the movements using handlebars. The gliding and sweeping vertical motion control uses the machine’s gear speed and guarantees thrills like no other. The ride accommodates 24 visitors at a time, but only if they are at least 1.2 meters tall.

Manila Mayhem

After flying on a kite, how about a flying saucer? Height, speed, and spin are on the menu with this Italian-designed ride. You get 20 companions on this mayhem-filled ride, where you sit tied with a harness. Prepare to rotate 360 degrees, that too seven meters above the ground. If you are a minimum of 1.3 meters tall, you can come aboard. But know this – the ride makes 20 revolutions per minute.

Vroom UAE

Is it an amusement park if there are no bumper cars? Vroom UAE lets you speed through traffic, bump into other cars, drive through narrow curves, and chase and get chased in a classic fun-filled experience. The 20 different cars for you to choose, and you get to bump yours into cars of 48 people. Go vroom and watch your family’s faces light up with laughter on this fun-filled ride.

Thrill Rides at Global Village Dubai


A Carnaval classic, Honolo-Loop promises a lung exercise with a long screaming session. How? It spins you at top speed and flips you in every way - right till you are 63 meters above the ground. One of the most thrilling Global Village rides, all you need is to be at least 1.4 meters tall to experience this intoxicating loop. You also get 20 other adrenaline junkies with you. A little word of caution – the ride does not stop mid-way, so get buckled up!

Moscow Max

Want to get on a ride that pushes your adrenaline to new heights? Then Moscow Max is your go-to ride. It swings and spins you with force comparable to that of a jet engine. While riding, you get to learn what a pendulum feels like, because your seat also rotates and revolves, just like a pendulum ball. Among the most extreme rides in Global Village Dubai, Moscow Max can make you practically hang from your seat. Come along - max screams, thrills and adventure are guaranteed.

Jamaica Drum

What would happen if you are spun, rotated, and turned upside down all at once? The Jamaica Drum can tell you just that. Among the most innovative Global Village rides, it is not for the faint of heart or a weak stomach. You can live this one-of-a-kind thrill if you have a height of at least 1.3 meters. Enjoy this Jamaican-inspired ride with 24 other adrenaline junkies, and make unforgettable memories.

Shang High

Imagine being high up in the sky and spinning in mid-air. The cleverly-named Shang High can make that a reality. At 85 meters, it is one of the highest Global Village rides - and promises to lift your spirits sky-high. Sit tight and get spun rapidly as you are hung mid-air from harnesses. The ride allows you 32 companions. So, sign up to experience an adrenaline rush that leaves you all tingly and exhilarated!

Fly France

Wish to experience being a pilot commanding an aircraft? Then Fly France is a must-go! Take control of a ride where the entire crew of 12 visitors gets personal wings. Perform mind-numbing glides and flips, rotate 180 or even 360 degrees, and enjoy the beautiful views and sharp winds as the ride swings you around. If you have a minimum height of 1.25 meters and a maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimeters, then welcome aboard.

Global Burj

If heights give you a pump of adrenaline, Global Burj, the star of Global Village rides and the tallest drop tower ride in the UAE, needs to be on your itinerary. The 85-meter freefall is an unmatched gravity-defying experience that is not recommended for the faint of heart. If your height is at least 1.4 meters, you have a maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimeters, and are an absolute adrenaline junkie, strap on for a stomach-hopping rush of a lifetime!

Mumbai Xpress

Want to experience the thrill of roller coasters but are afraid of the traditional twists and turns? The Mumbai Xpress is your wish fulfilled! The smooth, family-friendly roller coaster takes one on a tour of a replica of the Indian city of Mumbai. It offers visitors the chance to enjoy the grand views of the Carnaval from high up in the air. The ride can take 16 visitors at once. So, if you and your companions are at least 1.2 meters tall, get aboard on this unmissable experience!

Sydney Kangaroo

Do you know how a kangaroo feels when it hops about? If your kids have ever asked you something similar, answer them now in practice! The Sydney Kangaroo, among the most exciting rides in Global Village Dubai, takes you on a hop while rotating you at full speed. So, if everyone in your group is 1.3 meters in height, buckle them up and take them on this family-friendly yet absolutely thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Caribbean Ship

The next ride on the fantasy adventure list is a Caribbean ship! Discover the exhilarating rush of sailing in the Caribbean on one of the most popular Global Village rides. Indulge in feeling weightless and breathless as you are swung in a rapid motion with 24 others on board. If you are at least 1.4 meters tall, hop on this one-of-a-kind ship, hang on tight to the sails, and try to sit still as you ride those Caribbean waves!

Kiddie Rides at Global Village Dubai

California Highway

The eye-catching themed buggies of the ride have interactive bouncing motions, and take inspiration from the California Highway’s gentle slopes. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with your kid at the wheel, and relax as the vehicle moves round and round. Your little one needs to be at least 1.2 meters tall to get on this joyride with 24 young visitors.

Mexican Balloons

If your kid loves balloons and thrills, Mexican Balloons is your destination! Float up on the balloons as they slowly begin to spin you around. And if you want to spin harder, simply rotate the car's steering wheel! Enjoy this memorable experience with your kid and 30 visitors. You and your kid need to be at least 1.3 meters in height to catch this colorful ride!

Texas Track

The Texas Track is among the coolest Global Village rides, because it has some powerful vehicles on offer for your kid – from F1 racing cars to jeeps and trucks, even motorbikes. Your kids get to drive their favorite vehicle uphill and downhill and enjoy scenery on the side-track. If your kid is at least 0.9 meters tall, let them run wild with 30 more kids, Texas-style!

Spania Boat

This Spanish-themed boat ride, with a tinge of history, will take your kid sailing at the edge of gravity. As the ride goes higher and swings along, it becomes a space of laughter and joy. The young visitors go from experiencing slow treading to feeling weightless in seconds. The Spania Boat carries 12 little sailors in one go, but they must be at least 1.2 meters in height.

Beijing Bungee

Bungee meets trampoline in Global Village’s Beijing Bungee! As your kids bounce on a huge trampoline and bungee-jump, watch their faces light up with joy and excitement. If your kid is at least 1 meter tall, the ride can accommodate them within the eight platforms on offer. A word of warning – you might have to take the kids on the ride more than once, because of the fun experience it offers.

Holland Wind Wheel

And the ultimate kiddie ride is here! The Holland Wind Wheel is a classic Ferris Wheel for the little visitors. Parents can also tag along on the ride. The kids get six balloon-themed cabins to choose from and can take three family members with them. If your kid is at least 1.05 meters in height, sign them up for their special view of the Carnaval. The ride can accommodate 24 visitors at a time.

FAQ's of Rides in Global Village Dubai

How many total rides are there at Global Village Dubai?

There are a total of 31-themed rides in Global Village Dubai.

What is the scariest ride in Global Village Dubai?

All Global Village rides have a certain level of thrills on offer. The most thrilling rides include the Honolo Loop, Moscow Max, Jamaica Drum, Shang High, Fly France, and the Global Burj. One would have to experience the rides to choose the scariest one!

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How many pavilions are there in Global Village Dubai?

The Global Village Dubai has 26 themed pavilions inspired by 70 cultures. You can go shopping in bazaars, indulge in cultural performances from across the world, relish delicacies of global cuisine, and connect with people from different places all over the world. Take pictures at the numerous Selfie Spots, and create memories of a lifetime.

What is special about Global Village?

The specialty of Global Village Dubai is its diverse cultural attractions that draws a major number of tourists. The Global Village in Dubai is a prominent cultural attraction and the one-stop-shop for the best entertainment, shopping, dining and fun-filled attractions in the city.

The village opens from October to May every year and has hosted millions over its 26 seasons. They have traditional cultural performances, street entertainment, dazzling main stage performances and stunt shows as part of their event calendar. The Carnaval is a major highlight as it houses 31 themed rides and numerous games and attractions. You can experience everything ‘global’ at the Global Village, and that is what makes it special.

Are there any restaurants at Global Village Dubai?

Yes, there are various restaurants in global village dubai having Turkish cuisines to Indian cuisines Chinese to Italian Malaysian to African and providing scrumptious meals to enjoy.


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