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Pavilions In Global Village

Global Village Dubai connects you with people around the globe without any visa or passport. Global Village Pavilions is established at not much distance from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, the city of gold. It is spread over 17,200,000 square feet which is equivalent to 223 football fields. Experience the one of a kind conglomeration of entertainment, dine and emporium/ shopping brought to you from different parts of the world. This multicultural family destination has broken many Guinness World Records since its very beginning. Nations which participated in the latest season of Global Village pavilions are- Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, America, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, South Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand, Europe, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, Japan, Morocco, Africa, and UAE. Each pavilion represents events, traditions, culture and food from their respective countries.

Apart from this, the Al Sana’a and the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation’s pavilions are also there. These pavilions in Global Village are the best way to experience the culture and cuisine abroad and you will be taken aback at the very sight of it.


Iraq being one of the ancient civilizations has a history which is displayed in its art. If you are looking for stuff full of art then Iraq’s pavilion should be your next stoppage. Bask on Iraq's culture, food, handcrafts, paintings, outfits, souvenirs, etc that too on budget.

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Al Sana’a Pavilion

Al Sana’a Pavilion is operated by the Ministry of Social Affairs, UAE. It offers the locals of the country to showcase their products manufactured by them locally to the world. The idea is to support and empower productive Emirati families and micro businesses in order to achieve social and economic profit. Along with 53 outlets, 4 productive projects for social security beneficiaries and 3 projects for people of determination. Some of the best selling products are Bukhoor, Ladies bag and Sidr honey.

Khalifa Foundation

The Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation operates the Khalifa foundation. They provide business opportunity to youth of Emirates. Explore the diverse range of business avenues in the area of Emirati perfumes, home accessories and clothes. Some of the best selling products are traditional ladies dresses, Jalabiya and Bukhoor.


Indian pavilion being the largest pavilion among all stands tall and broad at Global village. It is spread across 11,000 square meter. Every product seems special and unique when you walk down the aisle of Indian pavilions at Global village. Herbal products, spices, tea, Jewellery and textile remain in the hit list of Indian pavilion products at Global Village Dubai. Taste the mouth-watering dishes from the Indian Chaat Bazaar. Don’t forget to celebrate culture and people while you are at the Incredible Indian pavilion.


Get amazed with Syrian hospitality and learn about the revolution of Islamic architecture. The Syrian pavilion coming from a war zone will stand up at your expectations. Get your hands on the very beautiful hand-stitched paintings,prayer mats, table clothes and traditional Syrian dresses called ‘Jalabia’. Taste the very famous food like Labneh, Zaatar, Jams, Sumac, Olives and Balilah at stalls of Syrian Pavilion.


Lebanon, often referred to as the fashion capital of the Middle East, sells some of the finest fashion accessories, cosmetics and personal care products. Pick the best body oil, Zaatar, Necklaces, Labneh and Pickles from different outlets at their pavilion.Enjoy the captivating Dabkeh dance performance and witness their heritage while tasting the authentic cuisines of Lebanon at the Lebanon pavilion.


The Russian pavilion is a new addition to the Global Village. Traders are found selling the traditional arts of Russia like Palekh miniature painting, Dymka toys and clothes. The pavilion also features great folk dance performances like Kalinka, Kamarinskaya, Quadrille and popular Russian Gypsy dance. The Air Spray portraits painted against the Russian architecture are something unique as reviewed by the tourists. Some of the best picks from the Russian pavilion are flavored juice, gift items, sidr honey, chips and pickles.

Saudi Arabia

Get to know the heritage of Saudi Arabia by visiting the all new experiential zone at the pavilion. This destination is chosen by families because of its conglomeration of culture, shopping and entertainment. Dates, Arabic coffee, Arabic cookies, Perfumes, Oud, Shemagh, Abaya, Niqab, Mamoul, Gashwa and Shaila, these are the popular products which you must get your hands on from the Saudi Arabia pavilion.


Experience street shopping in Bangkok at the Global Village pavilion. From hair accessories to clothing, from cosmetics to skin care products, everything is available at budget. And the good news is you can get them at even better prices if you are good at bargaining. Also, relax and recharge as you get Thai massages and spa from their famous outlets in Thailand pavilion. Get hands on the best fruits and cuisines, gems and jewels, trending outfits, baked breads, corn, fruits, etc at the market.


The setup of the African pavilion which hosts over 15+ countries makes it look very colorful. This pavilion is famous for its wooden wares. After that it is known for stuff like leather products, accessories, handicrafts, drums and baskets. If you are someone who is into skin care then the African pavilion should definitely be on your list. They bring the best quality Shea butter, a natural moisturizer with the least amount of oil into it, and is good for both oily and dry skin .


What makes the European pavilion different from all others is the inclusion of science and inventions in their ‘Heritage area’ display along with the art and architecture of the European continent. Get to blend in the lifestyle and culture of mega European cities. Get your hands on leather and ceramics from Italy; jewellery, outfits, footwears and caricature from Spain; souvenir from Switzerland and Body Care products from the UK.


The aroma of spices and over 100 types of honey will keep luring you to stay at this pavilion for a longer time. Dry fruits, mountain honey, white honey, shawls and vintage silver jewellery are the best sellers of this pavilion. Yemen is for all those who are looking for tradition and hospitality in one place. The vendors educate their customers about the details and process of making of their respective products. It makes the visit of tourists informative and entertaining at the same time.


Dive in the diverse culture of parts of Northern, Central and Southern regions of America under this pavilion. Get the vibes of Hollywood and tradition at the same time. Enjoy the dance performances that Americans are proud to show to the world. Some of the best catches are War Bonnets, Sombrero Hat, Waffle sticks, Charow cups.


Egypt is one of the ancient civilizations of the world and this is exactly what this pavilion has tried to show in it. One of the main attractions this year was a museum where they displayed the treasures of earlier eras like mummies, coffins and other priceless artifacts. Each object had a story to tell which all the curious minded and history lovers appreciated. Anyone will be awestruck by watching the Egyptian wall painting and statues.


The outlets of Turkey have a plethora of products, from clothing to accessories, from bodycare to perfumes and from handicraft to printing. Beautiful calligraphy, Anatolian glass and ceramic wares, these are the takeaways from the Turkey pavilion.

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FAQ's of Global Village

How many countries are participating in Global Village?

Global Village has more than 26 pavilions that showcase the cultures of 80 countries. They exhibit food, shopping, products and attractions from all participating countries.

What is so special about Global Village?

A unique and integrated destination for the world's best shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Jet ski fire-jumps, gravity defying double fly-board action stunts, 75-feet high dive tower and what not! It offers a wide range of the region's largest and most diverse activities, shows and events. This year’s event is going to be more thrilling as for the first time James Robert Curtis, UK’s leading fly boarder and Chase Testa, the high diver are going to participate in the nail biting under-water stunt this year.

What are Dubai Global Village timings?

Timings:- Saturday to Wednesday : 4 pm to 12 pm( entry gates close at 11:30 pm)- Thursday to Friday : 4 pm to 1 am( entry gates close at 12:30 pm)Mondays are reserved for families and women only.(except if Monday is a Public Holiday)

Is Global village Dubai worth visiting?

  • Artists from all around the world come to exhibit their talent in shows and concerts.
  • Explore the culture and heritage of different countries in one day
  • Ripley's believe it or not! Museum has 6 family friendly themed galleries. If you enjoy the unusual, bizarre and the weird kind of thing then you shouldn’t miss this place at any cost. This American museum franchise is famous for its conglomeration of prehistory and futuristic stuff.
  • If you are someone who enjoys gourmet delicacies then your visit to this place is totally worth it. Get the best of the best authentic dishes from all around the world.
  • Attend the ‘Live our heritage Festival’ and get to know the heritage and culture which dates back to the Ancient Emirati Era. This program is specially hosted by the Arabs of UAE to publicize the lifestyle and culture of Emirati people.
  • Global village is shoppers’ paradise. It is almost impossible to stop yourself shopping when in Global Village. The lined up collection of clothes, perfumes, food, oils, spices and antiques from different parts of the world are presented before you on almost 3500 outlets from genuine merchandise.

In which season Global Village Dubai seems to be most ravishing?

December to April is considered the winter season month in UAE. That is when this mega event is organized, in the cooler months! The winters in Dubai start from the last week of October and last till mid April and that is when this event is organized. The mega event is organized in the cooler months so the weather is moderate and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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Is Global Village suitable for childrens to visit and enjoy?

The global village has taken care of children's interest and curated activities and shows with utmost care. Amusements, theme park rides and game centers are there for the entertainment of kids.

What are the shows that are conducted at Global Village Dubai?

You will be awestruck by the world class shows that are presented to you. The best among 40,000 shows are:-- Stunt Show : Life is supposed to be full of adventure and these stunt shows are the way to it. Spend an evening witnessing the most thrilling Stunt Shows. Some of the best shows are gravity-defying stunts, Tank tricks and buggies- Signature Shows: Enjoy the extravaganza where artists from all around the world gather to showcase their performance.- Kids Shows: Children love watching their favorite characters performing on stage like Peter Rabbit and PJ masks.- Street Shows: The street performances from India to Africa like acrobats, Bollywood flash mob, unicyclists, Double Dutch skippers and Fire jugglers will surely leave your mouths open.- Cultural Shows: Open cultural exhibitions featuring heritage and culture of over 80 countries through 30+ pavilions in Global village.- Live Concerts: Glorious live performances are organized at night bringing the singing sensations from all over the world. This attraction is very popular among music lovers.- Firework and Fountain Show: Make your Fridays and Saturdays more colorful by enjoying the spectacular musical firework and fountain show at this mega themed park in Dubai.- The Wonderers of Global Village: “The Wonderers” are the characters of Global Village


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