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Global Village Dubai restaurants have food from every corner of the world, ranging from Turkish cuisines to Indian cuisines, Chinese to Italian, Malaysian to African. If you want to have a meal with your family or some time to relax, these restaurants are a perfect mix of food and ambiance. Babu town restaurant gives you the vibe of an authentic Indian Dhaba serving mouth watering dishes and famous Indian breads and you can always try different dishes like Chicken Tikka, Mahashi from Al Amoor.

Coffee or view? At Global village restaurants, you can enjoy both. The photogenic cafes are beautifully designed to give a colorful and quirky appeal, surely making their way to your Instagram feeds. A paradise for coffee lovers you can have your favorite brews, pastries, cakes, lattes, and more.

Experience the taste of street food from different corners of the world at Global village restaurants. Fill your stomach and satisfy your soul with our list toppers like Pizza in a cone and steamed dumplings. You can have a juicy marinated skewer at Yebala Lugma and an authentic Chinese dim sum at Dim sum Dynasty.

Family Restaurants at Global Village Dubai

Al Amoor

If you are out with your family Al Amoor is the place for you at Global village restaurants. The food at Al Amoor is made with the best ingredients, all ingredients are meticulously obtained from UAE & Egypt. These dishes are made from recipes passed down through generations. The Egyptian dishes like Mahshi, Grilled Chicken, Molokhia with Grilled Meat and Hawawshy, and more here are soaked in savory flavors to give you a satisfying dining experience.

Al Farooj

Chicken so juicy and crisp you can’t resist ! Al Farooj at Global village restaurants is a perfect answer for all your chicken cravings. The shawarma sandwiches here are a must try on your next visit. If you are a non-veg lover and want to have a perfectly deep fried strip of breaded chicken breast this place is your ideal choice.

Al Haaj Bundoo Khan

If you are planning an outing with your family, Al Haaj Bundo gives you a relaxing environment. The mix of aromatic fragrance and authentic spices is what makes the meal here worth enjoying. Bask in exquisite flavors of Pakistani cuisines like Mutton karahi, Nehari, Haleem, and Peshawari Mutton at one of the best Global village Dubai restaurants. If you are looking for the best biryani in town, Al Haaj Bundoo Khan is where you should eat. Their must try signature dishes include the Paratha Kabab and Chicken Tikka.

Babu Town Restaurant

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine and looking for some vegetarian options Babu Town restaurant is the place for you. The presentation of dishes in coconut shells is unique at this Global village Dubai restaurant. The vast menu covers different delicacies including regional specialties, biryanis, and more for the foodie in you. It serves you the finest spice-laden dishes like the korma, rogan josh, and butter chicken. They have a variety of Indian bread which includes naan, paratha, and roti.

Persian Kebab Restaurant

The ambiance is lively and snappy, perfect for a family gathering or some time with your friends. Savor fragrant, aromatic Persian delicacies like the soft and juicy kebabs at Persian Kebab Restaurant. They serve up the best kebabs ranging from Chelo Kebabs to Kubideh to Joojeh, but the charcoal grilled kebabs are their specialty. Laden with saffron and made from freshly picked ingredients these kebabs are a feast for your soul and taste buds.

Turkish Kebab House

Go with your family, relax, and have a fun time at restaurants in Global village Dubai, the atmosphere around is very lively and warm. And if you are in a mood for mouth savoring kebabs? Bask in the flavors of kebab from the Turkish kebab house. They also serve a variety of ancient and authentic delicacies from turkey. The menu also includes a vast range of desserts, signature drinks, and sides, served with delicious zucchini balls, feta spring rolls, and fresh kebab rolls all prepared with homemade flat Turkish bread.

Cafes at Global Village Dubai

Barista Cafe

Not only the beautifully designed Barista cafe can be a stylish addition to your instagram feed but also you can experience a refreshing coffee. Barista cafe has a vast menu including hot drinks, cold drinks, manual brews, mojito, ice tea, milkshakes, and desserts. Barista cafe at Global village restaurant is the perfect place for your quick bites as they serve the best brews and tasty brownies.

Cafe Pera

If you have a love for coffee, tea, and good food, Cafe Pera is your spot. Chill with your friends and grab a delightful bite, the atmosphere at Cafe Pera is very restful making it one of the best Global village restaurants. It also serves a vast menu of different cold brews, hot brews, lattes, cakes, and more.

Loku Bites

Loku bites serve you delicious Louqaimat topped with different kinds of yummy toppings. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Louqaimat made in the Loku Bites ``laboratory” are a feast in your mouth, complementing it with a coffee for great taste. The freshly baked desserts at Loku Bites are a perfect representation of authentic Emirati taste and culture.

Mind The Cab

The warm and colorful aesthetics of this place offers a very playful vibe. It is a place where you can chill with your friends and ease your mind. And if you visit Global village restaurants specialty coffee and bubble waffles are a must try at Mind the Cab. Also, satisfy your sweet tooth at Mind the cab with their vast range of milkshakes, cold and hot brews, milk cake, and more.

Le Patchouli

Up for a drink and a chat Le Patchouli is one of Global village best restaurants for some relaxing time, they specialize in adding the local flavors to their menu with a twist. If you are hungry you can always grab a bite or dessert from the cafe’s menu as they have a wide range of premium coffee, tea, and other beverages.


Camelicious serves you the goodness and nutrition of camel milk and also a delectable taste in all their products. The menu contains a wide variety of French pastries, coffees, ice creams, homemade snacks, and teas. During your next visit to Global village restaurants, you should try their signature mouth savoring camel meat burgers, which are filled with char grilled camel meat patty and layered with camel milk cheese.

Street Food at Global Village Dubai

Charcoal Lokal Burger

Grab a bite of the juiciest burgers at Charcoal Lokal Burger. The burgers are layered with fresh cheddar cheese and seasoned toppings. The tender and soft meat patties are a treat for any meat lover

Dim Sum Dynasty

Soulfood? Yes, Dim sums or soul food are all the same, explore the world of mouth watering dim sum at Dim Sum Dynasty, from steamed to fried. Prepared in traditional Chinese ingredients, these dim sums are a treat to your taste buds, these dim sums are served in bamboo dim sum baskets. Dim Sum Dynasty surely ranks among the best restaurants in the Global village with its wide range of flavors, also try the steamed bao and desserts they have. You can also customize your meal with different choices from vegetables, chicken, pork, fish, and more.


Piero is the cafe to go to for the most authentic Italian Pizzas and Pasta. Piero serves authentic, delicious, and traditional Italian Cuisines prepared with fresh ingredients. Their unique dishes like the lovely SweetHeart Dessert and brownies are good for your taste buds as well as your insta feeds. If you want to grab a quick bite you can always go for their sandwiches served with chilled drinks

So Yum Yum

So Tum Yum offers a delicious selection of grilled seafood served with an Asian edge. You can have them with rice which comes in a variety such as steamed, sticky, and fried. If you are a seafood lover they have different varieties of seafood from prawns and squids to shrimps and mussels. They serve the most exotic seafood at So Tum Yum.

Yebala Lugma

Bask in the delectable taste of skewers marinated with tomato paste and yogurt. Yebala Lugma provided you with the juiciest and moistest skewers cooked with perfection. You should surely try the twisted version which is dished up with freshly baked buns and complement your meal with some chilled fruity mojito and crispy fries.


Yahya offers a delectable range of seafood, you can relinquish the exotic taste of some seafood like shrimps, fish, squid, and lobster at Yahya. They let you cook your food as per your preference, you can ask them to grill, fry, or cook it in the oven the way you want to have it. Zingy soups and creamy curries are the favorite picks from Yahya. You can also try their tasty Pad Thai which is a whole meal in itself because of the large serving size.

FAQ's of Global Village Restaurants

On the Basis of Continents, how many countries are participating in Global Village?

The number of countries participating in Global Village is 75. If you are planning to visit the Global village in Dubai, you must go to the 27 different pavilions having representatives from MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Far East, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and South Asia. The number of countries keeps changing as new members keep adding to the list.

What is so special about Global Village Dubai?

What is so special about the Global village is that it brings together the culture and heritage of different countries. Global village can be referred to as the world’s largest tourism, leisure and shopping project. You are sure to get specialties from different parts of the world like honey from Yemen, spices from Nigeria, antiques from India, and saffron from Iran all in one place. You can eat delicacies and cuisines from all around the globe like Hyderabadi Biryani, Turkish Kebabs, Dim Sums, and more at Global village Dubai restaurants. You can enjoy live concerts and shows. Get an action-packed thrill experience at the Harbor Force show.

What are the different venues available at Global Village Dubai?

The different venues that are available at Global Village Dubai are listed below:- Carnival rides- Cultural shows- 27 global pavilions - Ripley’s Believe It Or Not- Street food stands- Oddity museum- Peter Rabbit adventure zone - Restaurants- Fireworks and cultural parades

What are the food options available at Global Village Dubai?

*Kokorec from Turkish Kokorec and Seafood : *Kokorec is an authentic Turkish grilled dish made from seasoned offal, including sweetbread which is layered with goat or lamb intestine.

*Rainbow Burgers & Taco Ice cream From Choices By MT : *These instagramable rainbow burgers and multicolored taco ice cream blended with flavors like pistachio, rose water, and saffron are a must have at Global village restaurants.

Regag from Traditional Kitchen:Regag is a traditional homemade bread that resembles a crepe that is layered with egg and cheese.

LuqaimatLuqaimat is a sweet and crunchy Arabic dessert, these dumplings are served with honey and syrup.

What type of dining food type is found to be at Global Village?

Turkish Cuisines: You can have a variety of Turkish delicacies at the best restaurants in Global village Dubai. You can always try kokorec from Turkish Kokorec & Seafood. The chef's special 'Tombik Kafta' from Taksim Turkish Restaurant is a must have.

Indian Cuisines: Bringing to you the flavors and spices of India, restaurants in Global village offer a variety of Indian dishes. The babu town restaurants include curries, butter chicken, naan, tandoor, and more on their menu. Grand Barbeque serves you some mouth savoring barbequed items and their signature biryanis.

Egyptian Cuisines: Bask in the authentic taste of Egyptian delicacies at the Global village restaurant. Al Amoor has the best Egyptian dishes like Hawawshy, Mahashi, Grilled Chicken, and more.


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