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Global Village Dubai

Discover Dubai’s ultimate shopping, food and entertainment extravaganza at the Global Village, a place unlike any other in the whole world. It is here where you can explore the world, with countries from continents far and wide, over a span of around five months. Conquered to be the most significant tourism, leisure and entertainment project in the whole world, the Dubai Global Village offers you an experience that is one of a kind, unique, exemplary and memorable.

Your Dubai global village tickets can let you indulge in amazing culinary experiences here, as you get to try food and drinks from over 80 different countries of the world. And if you wish to experience something extraordinary, you can visit the village for its fireworks, which set the night sky ablaze with sparkles, and is amongst the best fireworks displays in the region.

Your global village ticket price also allows you a chance to head over to the 26 different world pavilions or entertainment regions here, including the Carnaval, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and more. Each of these pavilions offer you endless displays of the different cultures, experiences, attractions and products from different parts of the globe. To make your visit even more interesting, the Global Village Dubai also has a myriad of events, including concerts, which are performed by famed artists from all over the world. The Global Village is just what it sounds like, a village-like place, where the world comes together to offer you an best global village experience of a lifetime.

Global Village Tickets Options

Global Village Tickets

Avail global village tickets and enjoy exploring this cultural landmark. Offering you a chance to explore the many different country pavilions, these tickets are the best to spend a day at the Global Village, whilst learning about different cultures, traditions, religion and food. Upon availing the global village tickets online, you can also choose to include transfers to and from your hotel in Dubai to the venue, in addition to availing quicker entry to Carnaval, where you can witness amazing stunts, acrobatic performances and other surprising acts. These tickets also include entry to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, where you can see a wide array of surreal and weird displays and exhibits.

Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets + Global Village Tickets + Butterfly Garden Combo

You can also pre-book your global village tickets online, and combine a visit to the stunning Butterfly Garden with these. In addition to exploring the village, and catching sights of uncountable attractions and pavilions, this combo global village ticket price will also offer you faster entry to the Miracle Garden, which ranks as the largest natural flower garden in the world. After a day of fun and adventure at the Global Village, you can head over to Butterfly Garden to witness over fifty different species of coloirful butterflies, in addition to numerous koi fishes and flowers at this garden.

Dubai City Day Tour with Global Village Tickets

For those who wish to explore the city of Dubai a little more, they can include a dubai city tour along with their global village tickets and make it into a combo. In addition to enjoying over 20 exciting rides and visiting more than 70 pavilions at the Global Village, you can also enjoy a unique shopping and dining experience at the many zones here, which represent the different countries and culture at the Global Village. Then, you can indulge in a city tour, where you can explore some of the most famous landmarks of the city, from the historic Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek, to the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel as well as the Burj Khalifa, among other attractions. This global village ticket price also includes the provisions of an English speaking guide, which is sure to make your day in the city easier.

Why Visit Dubai Global Village?

  • By getting your global village Dubai tickets, you can pay a visit to one of the best family entertainment events in the city, which not only brings together different cultures, but people and experiences as well
  • Home to almost 40,000 different options for entertainment, activities, games, food and more, it is the largest international tourism park in the whole world
  • Your global village tickets also let you enjoy more than 100 arcade games, numerous rides in Global Village and more at the Carnaval
  • There are various things to do in Global Village Dubai that includes 26 different pavilions here, and get an insight into the cultures, heritage, lifestyle, history and food of different countries
  • From the argan oil of Morocco, to silky honey from Yemen, beautiful scarves from Egypt, as well as India’s antique wooden chests and food, there is a lot that you can explore during your visit to the Global Village
  • Your global village ticket price also lets you enjoy the stunning display of fireworks as well as the plethora of events that are organised here every week, some of which includes live stage music performances, exhibitions and more

Know Before You Book Global Village Tickets

Here's everything you need to know before you visiting Global Village.

Timings and Location
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit

Location- The Dubai Global Village is located on Exit 37, near the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The timings for the Global Village are:


  • From Saturday to Wednesday: 04:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (entry gates close at 11:30 p.m.)
  • On Thursday and Friday: 04:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m. (entry gates close at 12:30 a.m.)

It is also important to note that Mondays (except those falling on a public holiday) are exclusively reserved for families and ladies.

In order to reach the Global Village from Dubai:

  • By Bus: You can avail bus numbers 102, 103, 104 and 106 directly to the Global Village between 03:15 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. every day, from different parts of Dubai
  • By Metro:The closest metro station to the Global Village is the Al Rashidiya Metro Station. Upon reaching here, you can take a cab ride to the Global Village which takes around 20 minutes.
  • By Car: If you are driving to the Global Village, you get on the Dubai – Al Ain Road/ E66 and then drive on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/ E311 and then continue on Exit 37 to reach the village.
  • From Abu Dhabi: The only way to get to the Dubai Global Village from Abu Dhabi is by car. In order to do so, you can get on Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama Road or Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street from Al Karamah Street. Then, you must take the E11 exit to Latifa bint Hamdan Road or D67 in Dubai. From the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, take Exit 37 and continue on to it to reach the Global Village.

The best time to visit Global Village Dubai is during the months of October and April, when the region experiences rather cold and pleasant weather conditions.

You must also plan your visit according to the type of events that you would like to attend here. For the stunning firework displays, the best time to visit the Global Village would be Fridays and Saturdays, whereas if you wish to come here with your family, Monday would be the best day to visit.

Additionally, the early hours of the day, right when the entry gates open for visitors are also considered perfect for a visit to the Global Village. Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the hot afternoons, you can also visit the Global Village later on in the evening, when the crowds are less and the ambience more vibrant.

When visiting the Dubai Global Village, some of the things that you must definitely buy here include:-

  • Scarves (Egypt)
  • Argan Oil (Morocco)
  • Honey (Yemen)
  • Antique Pori ducts like glasswork furniture, jewellery, wooden chests, etc. (India)
  • Spices (Nigeria)
  • Rose Perfume, Coffee, Turkish Delights, Vintage Skirts (Turkey)
  • Saffron (Iran)
  • Shea Butter, African Black Soak (Africa)

Pavilions at Global Village Dubai


By purchasing your global village tickets online, you can visit the MENA. The MENA features pavilions from the Middle East and the North Africa regions, with countries like the UAE, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and more. This pavilion at the Global Village Dubai not only represents the rich history of the countries here, but also offers a glimpse of their amazing heritage, lifestyle, culture and more.

Far East

The best pavilion to learn about the incredible cultures of the countries of the Far East, this pavilion boasts of attractions, products and foods brought from countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, China and South Korea.


From European styled clothes and accessories, to perfumes, food, memorabilia and a plethora of attractions from Europe, this pavilion presents to you all the charm of this beautiful continent. The European pavilion consists of countries such as Turkey, Russia, Bosnia and Balkans. While booking global village tickets online, dont forget to visit this pavilion.


The African pavilion is home to more than 15 countries, some of which are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Madagascar, among others. It is here where you can see the authentic traditional products of these countries, such as food, clothes and handicrafts, in addition to learning about the art and traditions of the same.

The Americas

By purchasing your global village tickets online, do pay a visit to the Americas. Representing over 45 countries from North, Central as well as South America, this pavilion gives you a taste of their lifestyles and cultures, along with their way of life, and of course, their lip-smacking food.

South Asia

With countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, among others, the South Asian pavilion boasts of offering their culinary art, heritage and a wide array of products. You can also get your hands on traditional clothing and spices and herbs of these countries from this pavilion.

Highlights at Global Village Dubai


By purchasing your global village tickets online, you can enjoy a visit to Carnaval, which is one of the main highlights of the Global Village. Boasting of 31 exhilarating rides as well as more than 100 arcade games, Carnaval serves as the best place for adventure junkies and thrill seekers of all age groups. You can also find a lot of games like darts, shooting hoops and more here. In case of rides, you can indulge in a series of themed rides, from Vroom UAE and Miami Surf, to Honolulu-loop, Jamaica Drum, Holland Wind Wheel, etc.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

When you avail your global village Dubai tickets, make sure to pay a visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Amongst the top highlights of the Global Village, it is the area’s first Odditorium, where you can get transported into a whole new world. This museum boasts of 6 themed galleries, complete with rare real-life exhibits and interactive experiences, including a Moving 4D theatre, a Mirror Maze as well as a Boutique where you can buy unusual gifts for yourself as well as your near and dear ones. You can also enjoy a series of eccentric and weird displays, from visual and optical illusions to memorabilia from the world of pop culture, unique artefacts and more.

Upcoming Shows and Events

You can also enjoy a different global village Dubai ticket price if you wish to attend one of the many upcoming shows and events here. The Dubai Global Village is known for offering thousands of spectacular shows as well as events to visitors, thereby giving them a one-of-a-kind experience, unlike any other they have ever had before. Amongst the main highlights of this place, these shows include amazing concerts, cultural events, street entertainment shows, live DJ performances and so much more.

Best Restaurants in Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai has 6 main restaurants, check them now:

Babu Town Restaurant

Located in the Indian pavilion inside the Global Village, Babu Town Restaurant also ranks amongst the most popular restaurants here. Known for offering a delicious Indian cuisine with a modern twist, the restaurant is perfect to indulge in a hearty meal with flavours from India. Some of the most popular dishes on their menu include the korma curries, rogan josh, butter chicken, biryani and more.


For a taste of delicious seafood from Thailand, pay a visit to Yahya. Located at the Waterfront Market, this restaurant is particularly known for its exotic Thai soups and curries. With an extensive array of lip-smacking Thai dishes in its menu, the restaurant also serves fusion dishes, using Thai flavours in a modern way. You can also try a variety of noodles and ramen here, in addition to their amazing seafood feast.

Grand Barbeque Restaurant

If you are craving some delicious Indian food, the Grand Barbeque Restaurant, located in the food court near the Indian pavilion, is the best place to be. In addition to a lively and vibrant ambience similar to authentic Indian eateries, the restaurant also has top notch service. From authentic barbecue kebabs like mutton and chicken kebab, to meaty Indian curries like butter chicken, as well as several other vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes like biryani and naan, you can find it all here.


Located in International City, Piera is amongst the most famous restaurants and eateries here. Offering a huge selection of authentic Italian pizza and pasta dishes, this restaurant is also known for its delectable Mexican dishes. Their desserts, such as the SweetHeart Dessert and brownies, served with refreshing beverages are some of the many hits in their menu.

Kebapci Restaurant

To indulge in a delicious Turkish meal at the Global Village, the Kebapci Restaurant is your best bet. Offering an extensive selection of Turkish kebabs in its menu, the restaurant is also famous for its amazingly quick service and the delicious fragrance of spices in the air. Some of the notable items on their menu include the Adana kebab made of minced meat and red pepper flakes, as well as the chicken kebab, which is marinated in a fragrant spicy red pepper sauce.

Al Amoor

Another one of the best restaurants here is Al Amoor, where you can find a variety of dishes from Egyptian cuisine. From traditional Egyptian salads and appetisers to sandwiches, grilled delicacies as well as dishes like grilled chicken, mahshi, molokhia and hawawshy, you can get it all here.

Tips While Visiting Global Village Dubai

  • It is advisable to purchase your global village tickets online, so that you can not only avoid the rush of the ticket counters, but also avail exciting discounts and offers for your visit
  • While purchasing your global village Dubai tickets, it is important to note that weekends typically experience large crowds, but also have extravagant firework displays, so you should plan your visit accordingly
  • There is no global village ticket price for children under 3 years of age, senior citizens and special needs visitors, and they can enter global village free.
  • It is advisable to parents to keep their children safe, and remain with them at all times
  • Since the Dubai Global Village is an international event, with male and female guests of all ages and religions, visitors are advised to dress decently and avoid short, sleeveless or revealing attire
  • The Dubai Global Village is spread across an area of over 1,600,000 square metres, so, it is recommended to carry a Global Village map for easy navigation to different pavilions and areas during your visit.
  • Please note that Mondays at the Dubai Global Village are ladies-and-families only day, so you must visit accordingly.

FAQ's of Global Village Tickets

What is Global Village Dubai?

Global Village Dubai is a renowned multicultural festival park and entertainment destination situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It serves as a vibrant platform where over 90 countries are represented through pavilions, offering visitors an immersive experience of diverse cultures, traditions, and products. It's a one-of-a-kind celebration of global unity and diversity.

What is Global Village Famous For?

Dubai’s Global Village is one of the most culturally-rich places in the world, where you can not only experience the largest shopping, leisure and entertainment attractions in all of UAE, but also get a glimpse of dubai attractions from many different countries across the globe. In addition to family and children-friendly rides and games, you can also enjoy a myriad of live shows, concerts and more at the Global Village.

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What is the Dubai Global Village festival?

The Dubai Global Village Festival is a true celebratory event for the senses, which brings together the different countries of the world in one place. This festival blends entertainment, food, shopping and cultural experiences, and gives you an insight into the rich heritage and cultures of the world spread across 26 different pavilions.

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What is the dress code in Global Village?

There is no particular dress code in the Global Village, and visitors can wear casual attire here. However, it is still advisable that visitors should wear clothes that cover their torso, including their shoulders, midriff, legs as well as knees at all times.

How many countries are participating in Global Village?

There are around 80 different countries spread across 26 pavilions participating in Global Village. These include countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and more.

What are the rules in Global Village?

While purchasing your global village Dubai tickets, there are certain rules which every visitor must follow. These rules include:- Dressing in a modest fashion- Not bringing pets since animals/ pets are prohibited inside the Global Village- Avoiding any public display of affection- Not bringing any type of wheels inside the village, including hoverboards, bicycle, tricycle, scooty, roller-skates, etc.- Not filming inside the Global Village unless you have a special permit for the same

When does Global Village Dubai open for the season?

You can enjoy the latest attractions and entertainment options in the new season 28 of Global Village Dubai which is scheduled to begin from 18th October 2023 to 28th April 2024.

What can I expect to find at Global Village Dubai?

A visit to Global Village Dubai promises a multifaceted experience. You can explore international pavilions, each showcasing its unique culture, art, and products. Enjoy captivating live performances, sample a diverse array of global cuisines, indulge in shopping for unique items from around the world, and experience thrilling rides and attractions suitable for all ages.

Is there parking available at Global Village Dubai?

Yes, Global Village Dubai provides ample parking facilities, and there are designated areas for parking. Visitors can conveniently park their vehicles and enjoy the attractions.

Is Global Village Dubai family-friendly?

Indeed, Global Village Dubai is family-oriented and welcomes visitors of all ages. It's an ideal destination for families, as it offers a wide range of attractions, including rides suitable for children, cultural experiences for adults, and entertainment options that cater to diverse interests. Families can create lasting memories together in this multicultural and festive environment.

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What is the significance of Global Village Dubai in the region?

Global Village Dubai holds immense significance as it promotes cultural exchange and fosters international understanding. It serves as a testament to Dubai's commitment to multiculturalism and tolerance. By bringing together diverse cultures under one roof, it offers visitors the chance to experience the world's richness without leaving the city.

Is there an optimal time to visit Global Village Dubai during the season?

While Global Village Dubai is delightful at any time during its season, visiting on weekdays or earlier in the evening can be less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed exploration. However, special events and performances often occur on weekends, so it's worth checking the event calendar for activities that interest you.

Can I use credit cards for purchases at Global Village Dubai?

Yes, Global Village Dubai accepts various payment methods, including credit cards. You can use credit or debit cards for ticket purchases, shopping, and dining, offering convenience during your visit.

Is there a recommended time duration for a visit to Global Village Dubai?

The ideal duration for a visit can vary depending on your interests. Many visitors spend an entire evening exploring Global Village Dubai's diverse offerings. However, if you have specific pavilions or attractions in mind, a few hours may suffice. It's best to plan according to your preferences.


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